Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Philippine Navy Chief Of Staff Turn-Over

After serving as Chief of Naval Staff for about four months under two Flag-Officer-in-Commands, Commodore Vicente M Agdamag AFP leaves his post today September 24, 2008 to assume a crucial command of major responsibility. He will be replaced by the current Deputy Commander of the Philippine Fleet, Commo. Feliciano Angue.

The turn-over was made in a simple ceremony at the Headquarters of the Philippine Navy presided by Rear Admiral Ferdinand S. Golez, AFP, the Flag-Officer-in-Command of the Philippine Navy. Commo. Agdamag will take the post as Commander of the Naval Education and Training Command which was the last assignment of the current Radm Golez prior taking the helm of the entire Philippine Navy. Located in the heart of Naval Station San Miguel, San Antonio, Zambales, NETC is the Philippine Navy's prime institution of learning whose mission is to prov
ide education and training to naval personnel so that they may be able to pursue progressive naval careers.

Commo. Agdamag served the navy as the CNS for a very brief period of time but have made a lasting legacy among those whom he have worked in the headquarters of the navy. In his statement he said "most great leaders in history are megalomaniac. A megalomaniac is a person who has an obsession for grandeur." Referring to popular military and political leaders of the world with high desire for great fame and popularity, social influence and tremendous political power. "What lasting legacy could I possibly contribute to the office given the very short period of time that I served? Have I made my distinct mark?", he added. But in the end, he claimed "... I realized I need not worry on these thoughts, because I have made my distinct mark in the history of the office of the CNS."

Philippine Navy Flag-Officer-in-Command RADM Golez AFP, hands over the Symbol of Authority of the Chief of Naval Staff from Commo. Agdamag to Commo. Angue, the new CNS.