Monday, May 17, 2010

Navy Chief Golez Bids the Navy Goodbye; Offered a DND Post

Director, Naval Public Affairs Office

15 May 2010

Vice Admiral Ferdinand S Golez, the 30th Flag Officer In Command of the Philippine Navy has retired from active military service after more than 38 years. In his retirement ceremony attended by the AFP and Navy’s top brass, DND officials, members of the diplomatic corps, members of PMA Class 1976, and family and friends, Vice Admiral Golez exhorted every personnel to pursue the Navy’s vision of becoming a strong and credible Navy by 2020 that this maritime nation can be proud of. “We have planted the seeds of dedication and commitment for our Sailors and Marines to grow and nurture collectively”, said Vice Admiral Golez during the Change of Command ceremony at the Navy Headquarters in Roxas Blvd, Manila this morning, 15 May 2010.
Since assuming post on 02 August 2008, Vice Admiral Golez’ operational strategy of naval prominence in all mission areas has provided the Philippine Navy the direction towards enhancement of capability and development of a more robust and relevant organization. This course of action is embodied in the PN Sail Plan 2020.
Taking over the command of the Philippine Navy in acting capacity is Rear Admiral Danilo Cortez, the Vice Commander of the Philippine Navy who gave his assurance that he will continue the initiatives set by his predecessor in attaining the Navy’s vision.
Giving boost to this aspiration is DND Secretary Hon Norberto Gonzales who underscored the importance of the Multi-Role Vessel (MRV) for the Philippine Navy. “It’s very important that what the Navy needs to acquire will be acquired,” stressed Gonzales who also encouraged the retiring Vice Admiral to continue his public service by joining the defense department.
The Navy hopes to acquire an MRV to enhance its territorial defense and internal security operations. The MRV can also be utilized during humanitarian missions- in reaching out to citizens in far-flung areas.
Secretary Gonzales meanwhile accepted the ceremonial petition of the outgoing Navy Chief Vice Admiral Golez to retire from the military service. But not in government service. “I am asking Vice Admiral Golez to seriously consider joining me in the Defense Department and be by our side and share his precious knowledge and experience gained in the service. To continue serving the Navy in another capacity”. It was not known whether Vice Admiral Golez accepted the offer.
Secretary Gonzales also thanked the Navy and the whole AFP for their role during the elections and vowed to become the spokesperson of the AFP in reminding the Filipino people that the AFP is the “most important pillar of the society and important in nation-building”. He added that the men and women in uniform are the symbols of this country, “who have the heart and courage to offer to the people”.

Navy Celebrates 112th Anniversary Today

May 05, 2010

Director, Naval Public Affairs Office

The Philippine Navy celebrates today its 112th Anniversary with the theme: “Naval Dominance for 7, 107 Philippine Islands.” The celebration is marked with the launching of the Navy’s Virtual Private Network (VPN)- Video Teleconferencing, the presentation of the Navy’s Disaster Response Operations (DRO) Equipment and the newly-upgraded BRP Emilio Liwanag (PG118). Her Excellency President Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo was the guest of honor attended by defense and AFP officials, and representatives from government and private sectors.

The Navy’s virtual private network allows faster information exchange and an improved and reliable interconnectivity among all navy units. Also taking place this morning was the presentation of the Navy’s DRO equipment that will equip the Navy’s disaster response teams in the conduct of rescue operations. The Navy leadership also presented the newly upgraded PG118 that will surely boost the Navy’s coastal patrol operations and maritime law enforcement. Highlight of the celebration was the awarding of medals and plaques to individuals and units who have shown exemplary performance in their duties.

In his opening remarks, VICE ADMIRAL FERDINAND S GOLEZ AFP, Flag Officer In Command, Philippine Navy cited the significance of this year’s celebration in the context of the country’s archipelagic make-up; in the development of the Philippines and its relations with its neighbors.

“We have made our Navy relevant in the fast-paced world by establishing prominence in our core business of naval defense and maritime security. Our 112th founding anniversary is a milestone that we again set sail and navigate through the sea with required enhancements, improvements, and development to make our Navy the dominant power to defend our territory and secure our posterity.”

This afternoon, the Navy Chief will lead in the inauguration of the newly rehabilitated Manila Naval Hospital that is now equipped with the modern medical technology, which can now cater to the bigger demands of Navy personnel and their dependents. The MNH will be a premier facility of the Philippine Navy that is professional, well-equipped, responsive, and able to provide excellence in medical care.

After the inauguration of the MNH, the Navy will award the keys of the newly constructed condominium units to 48 senior Fleet-Marine officers at the Naval Station Jose Francisco, Ft Bonifacio, Taguig City. The two-storey condo is among the housing facilities completed for officers and personnel under the leadership of Vice Admiral Golez.

Navy rescues students in Infanta, Quezon

By: Lieutenant Colonel Edgard A Arevalo PN(M)
Director, Naval Public Affairs Office

05 May 2010

Members of the Naval Special Operations Unit 3 (NAVSOU3) of the Naval Forces Southern Luzon at 7:30AM, 05 May 2010 immediately responded to a call for help in a drowning incident in Infanta, Quezon. Fourteen were reportedly missing and feared to have drowned following a sudden rush of big waves. The prompt response of NAVSOU 3 headed by LTJG JAY T ROXAS lead to the rescue of eight students and the recovery of six bodies of the fatalities in their tedious search and rescue operations. The eight meanwhile were rushed to and are now recovering at the Claro M Recto Hospital in Manila.

The Navy’s operation is still ongoing for a missing grade 6 pupil who was reportedly missing while swimming in the beach at Brgy Pinagtapatan, Infanta. Ltjg Roxas said that the victims were taken away by the rising tide and swift current while swimming in the beach. The 14 were graduating students were from La Consolacion College, Manila who were having their vacation with 13 others.

The swift response attests to the Navy’s preparation and visibility in key areas this time of the year. In time for the summer vacation, naval units all around the country has deployed its personnel in beaches around the country to respond to any eventual