Thursday, October 2, 2008

Navy divers to the rescue...

Members of the Philippine Navy's Special Operations Group (NAVSOG) prepares their gear before entering the mine tunnel which trapped miners after portion of the shaft collapsed due to heavy rain pour brought by typhoon Nina that hit Northern Luzon.

Additional personnel of the Philippine Navy arrived at the site to help the exhausted navy divers who first arrived at the calamity scene.

De La Salle Manila invasion!


Assorted guns are on display as a Navy Officer awaits inquisitive enthusiasts and students of De La Salle University Taft (DLSU-Taft) to learn about the special equipment of the Naval Special Operations Group. A photo-static display was organized by the Philippine Navy through the Naval Reserve Command in DLSU-Taft for students, faculty members, and guests to better appreciate equipment our Navy-SEAL Teams use in their bid to perform its role to keep the peace and to pave the way to its other role as partner in nation building during disaster response, community building, informal literacy campaign and other socio-economic activities.


Soldiers of the Philippine Marine Corps observe as a photo enthusiast takes a picture shot of the .50 caliber Barret rifle through the sniper scope at DLSU-Taft during the photo-static display of the Philippine Navy on September 25, 2008.


A military wannabe looks on as a member of the Naval Special Operations Group performs finishing touches in gearing her up as a “SEALS” during the Photo-static Display of the Philippine Navy at DLSU-Taft on September 25, 2008.