Monday, July 27, 2009


Director, Naval Public Affairs Office

The Philippine Navy, through the Naval Forces Northern Luzon, holds a Maritime Training Activity (MTA) with the Royal Malaysian Navy in what is dubbed as the MALPHI-LAUT 09 on June 15 to 23.This Maritime Training Activity greatly enhances interoperability between the two navies as they conduct various exercises ashore and afloat in San Fernando, La Union, Subic, Zambales and the Luzon Sea.

The first phase of this MTA on 15 – 17 June, comprises the arrival of RMN ships at Headquarters Naval Forces Northern Luzon in San Fernando, La Union and the opening of the MALPHI Cup and Sports competition. Afterwards, the second phase on 18 – 21 June, involves the training of the two navies in naval surface firing, basic tactical evolutions, seamanship and vessel boarding among other exercises. Lastly, MALPHI-LAUT concludes at Subic, Zambales on 22 – 23 June 2009 with its third phase that involves post training activities for both parties.

In addition to these exercises with the Royal Malaysian Navy, the Philippine Navy also tests its newly-acquired vessel tracking system and an upgraded Naval Air Group Islander with Radar and Global Positioning System capabilities. This new technology help boost the capability of the Philippine Navy as a vital partner of our maritime nation in attaining lasting peace, progress and development.

Philippine Navy and the Royal Malaysian Navy annually hosts MALPHI-LAUT ’09 to focus both navies in navigation and naval operations. These exercises improve mutual cooperation between the two navies and develop combined operation doctrines, practices and naval tactics to complement each other’s operational capabilities at sea. Furthermore, the MALPHI-LAUT 09 provides basis for future working relationships between the Philippine Navy and the Royal Malaysian Navy.

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