Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Marines Engage Enemy in Basilan Firefight

Director, Naval Public Affairs Office

Marines from two companies of Marine Battalion Landing Team 7 (MBLT-7) engaged enemies in a firefight on two separate occasions in Basilan Sunday evening, 09 August 2009. No casualties were reported on either side.
The 7th Marine Company led by Sgt Jose Montano B Gonzales were conducting patrol at Brgy Bohelebung, Tipo- Tipo, Basilan at 8PM when they sighted an undetermined number of men suspected to be members of lawless and criminal group in the area. The Marines seized the initiative and firefight ensued. Two Marine teams from nearby detachments provided fire support prompting the enemies to withdraw into different directions.
In another incident, a detachment from the 27th Marine Company under 2Lt Jojit Ofiaza was harassed around 10PM, same day by ten followers of a kidnap for ransom group of Pula Muntong and a certain Iklam. The team of 2Lt Ofiaza was manning their detachment at Tuburan when they were attacked. The firefight lasted for 45 minutes until the enemy withdrew to Sitio Marang Marang.
All Marine units in the area have been alerted for possible simultaneous attack by the enemy. The Marines have also intensified their intelligence monitoring to prevent similar incidents.

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