Friday, August 21, 2009

Navy Renames Bases and Stations After Predecessors

Director, Naval Public Affairs Office
Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Philippine Navy has adopted new names for its bases and stations around the country to pay homage to distinguished naval leaders who have distinguished themselves in the profession of arms. In line with HPN General Order Nr 229 dated 07 July 2009, the renaming of Navy installations gives honor to our predecessors in the military/naval service who fought for the protection of our sovereignty, territorial integrity, democracy, and the maritime interests of the country.

Fort San Antonio Abad, the home of the Philippine Navy located at Roxas Blvd, Manila has been renamed Naval Station Jose Andrada, after the first Flag Officer in Command of the Philippine Navy (FOIC, PN). Commodore Andrada, a graduate of the US Naval Academy in 1930 became FOIC, PN from February 1939 to November 1941, and November 1945 to August 1949. He was chosen as the first Commanding Officer of the Off Shore Patrol, then the sea-going arm of the Philippine Army during WWII.

The Marine Headquarters located at Ft Bonifacio formerly called Marine Base Manila is now Marine Barracks Rudiardo Brown. Brown, a member of PMA Class 1955 was a Navy Captain when he became Commandant of the Philippine Marines in July 1970. He was commandant of the 1st Marine Brigade (formerly first Marine Company and later first Marine Battalion) when he was promoted to commodore in 2 September 1972.

The following are the new names of the Navy’s bases and stations:


Naval Base Cavite (Sangley Pt) Naval Base Heracleo Alano
San Vicente NOB Naval Base Camilo Osias
Mactan NOB Naval Base Rafael Ramos

MB Manila Marine Barracks Rudiardo Brown
MB Ternate Marine Barracks Gregorio Lim
MB Zamboanga Marine Barracks Arturo T Asuncion
MB Tawi-Tawi Marine Barracks Domingo J Deluana

NS Batu-Batu Naval Station Juan Magluyan
NS San Miguel Naval Station Leovigildo Gantioqui
NS Poro Point Naval Station Ernesto R Ogbinar
NS Legazpi Naval Station Julhasan A Arasain
NS Balabac Naval Station Narciso Del Rosario
NS Puerto Princesa Naval Station Apolinario Jalandoon
NS Pag-Asa Naval Station Emilio Liwanag
NS Ulugan Naval Station Carlito Cunanan
NS Guimaras Naval Station Alfonso Palencia
NS Tacloban Naval Station Dioscoro Papa
NS Davao Naval Station Felix Apolinario
NS Zamboanga Naval Station Romulo M Espaldon
Bonifacio Naval Station Naval Station Jose Francisco
Fort San Antonio Abad Naval Station Jose Andrada
Fort San Felipe Naval Station Pascual Ledesma


prof_aranda said...

Im glad for other name changes except for Fort San Antonio Abad. I personally think the name should not be changed

sambuddy said...

what is the reason why you dont like Fort San Antonio Abad to be changed sir?

prof_aranda said...

I don't mean any offense sir, for me because of its link to our spanish past. We should preserve at least some token but symbolic links from our past. It's quite sad that the present Fort San Antonio Abad is not the very exact fort where the Americans landed and hoist their flag in this country for the very first time. (it is somewhere inside the BSP complex)

genesis said...

Sir! My grandfather is RADM. Ernesto R. Ogbinar and the ceremony is going to be next week. You can't imagine how much my heart is swelling with pride. The PN was nice enough to invite our family to the ceremony. - Genesis Ogbinar

xchylar said...

I'm really proud to see my Lolo Tur's name here. This is a big honor for our family, and a great inspiration for us his grandchildren. :)

sambuddy said...


Well you are indeed correct sir. Fort San Antonio Abad does not actually cover the area of the Philippine navy headquarters only. It includes that of the BSP and perhaps maybe even manila zoo. What the navy is renaming only is the portion being occupied by the headquarters. I believe it would be NHI who have to rename the Fort itself which can probably serve as a museum or something. Honestly, I've never been inside the fort yet and I wonder how it looks inside. Thanks prof.


It is precisely for the same reason that the navy renames its bases. To give the Filipino people ownership of those camps and give it a true Filipino identity, no longer Spaniard or American name. This is in line with the effort of the Navy to become a strong and credible navy that our maritime nation can be proud of. The present Navy leadership as well as the men and women behind is optimistic that we shall reach that vision by 2020 not only by capability upgrade but with all other factors as well.

angel said...

do you know what # to call for the marine base in ternate cavite or the one located in manila?

Franz said...

My grandfather is Brig. Gen. Alfonso P. Palencia (Ret).

Adrian said...

Franz, thanks for letting the family know. We can all be proud of Lolo's legacy. Your cousin, Adrian Abayari.

Joan of Arc said...

Hi Franz,

We would like to invite you to join us on the unveiling and renaming of Naval Station Alfonso Palencia in Guimaras on February 7, 2011 at 10AM. Hope you could come. Your lola Mrs Jeanette Mandel Palencia will be the special guest to unveil the station marker

Gorio Luna said...

tanong ko lng po kung san graduate si RADM Ogbinar?salamat po...