Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Update in Mantangule Island, Balabac Incident as of 191400H

Director, Naval Public Affairs Office

LTC Yuri Pesigan the ground component commander of the fleet-marine operations team reports the recovery of 7 dead bodies and a total of 6 firearms and a bladed weapon (2 garand rifles, and M14 rifle, and an M79 grenade launcher, 2 cal. 45 pistols and a kris) from the marauders. Two were captured in the running gunbattle that is still ongoing. A wounded Marine grazed by bullet in the face near his eye has been airlifted to a hospital in Rio Tuba in southern tip of mainland Palawan. LCol Pesigan and Commander Alberto Cruz of Naval Task Group 41.5, and the members of the local PNP, with orders coming from Commodore Orwen Cortez, the Commander Naval Forces West, endeavor to get all the MNLF members before sundown to prevent their possible escape or for dissolving with the civilians/evacuees.

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