Sunday, October 4, 2009

Armed Men Blow Up Bridge in Sulu

Director, Naval Public Affairs Office

Saturday, 03 October 2009

A group of armed men believed to be followers of Tahil Sali, Ahadun Andak, and Abraham Joel blew up the Salaam Bridge in Indanan, Sulu late Thursday noon, 01 October 2009. An improvised explosive device (IED) triggered the explosion. No one was reported hurt in the incident.

The bridge is near the site of the 21 September 2009 attack where eight marines including an officer were killed in action. Suspected members of the MNLF and ASG have previously bombed the bridge. This recent attack rendered tbe bridge totally damaged and unpassable to vehicles that transport people as well as agricultural and domestic products to and from the capital town of jolo.

Investigation conducted by MBLT6 revealed that two hours before the explosion, the lawless group of Sali, Andak, and Joel with more or less 200 armed men were sighted at Sitio Taisan. The group of Joel with his followers then proceeded to the vicinity of Sitio Talatac, Brgy Bato-Bato and set an IED that later exploded at the Salaam Bridge.

Investigation also revealed that on the eve of 30 September, the group of Sali went to the MNLF camp in Brgy Langpas and reportedly borrowed a B40 RPG and 100 MNLF followers of Commander Gafur Hussein to augment the MNLF forces in Camp Marang.

The blowing up of the Salaam Bridge comes after the explosion that damaged the Dayuan Bridge in Indanan town at 10 PM, 29 September 2009. Dayuan Bridge about 4 kms from Jolo connects the capital town to Indanan town proper, Maimbung, and Parang. It remains passsable. No one was hurt during the explosion. Members of the bandit ASG are believed to be behind the explosion.
This abominable act of terrorism is an attack against the peace-loving citizens of Sulu who stand to suffer by the assault to their quest for peace existence.

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