Sunday, December 27, 2009

Statement of the Naval Public Affairs Office re Sinking of MV Catalyn B and MV Baleno 9 as of 271430H Dec 09

Director, Naval Public Affairs Office

Sunday,27 December 2009

After four days of aerial search by our Navy Islanders and two days of sea surface search for missing passengers by four of our ships, we are yet to see survivors from Catalyn B. Accounts from survivors that the ship capsized in less than two minutes reinforces our apprehensions that those twenty one (21) missing could have gone down with the ship.

We are hoping otherwise in case of the reported 22 still missing among the 88 reported personnel of MB Baleno 9 (per Coast Guard PIO: 70 passengers; 18 crew; 62 survivors; 4 casualty; 22 missing). After navy aerial search at 7:55 AM onwards today and accounts of survivors that more could have perished, the Navy search and rescue teams aboard PS 32 to be joined by PG 394 race against time to save any of or all the missing passengers. We are soliciting prayers that may the rescuers find the survivors at the nick of time. (End)

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