Friday, March 5, 2010

59 Cadets from PMA Join the Philippine Navy

Director, Naval Public Affairs Office

Wednesday, 03 March 2010

Among the 226 graduates of “Masidlak” (Mandirigmang Sibol ng Dakilang Lahing Kayumangi) Class of 2010 of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA), fifty-nine strong members are added to the roster of the Philippine Navy officers. They were commissioned in the Armed Forces of the Philippines and will bear the rank as Ensigns after their graduation from the Philippine Military Academy Monday, 01 March 2010. The group is composed of 50 males and nine females.

Jhonson Riveza Gonzales, 22, of Zone 1 Del Rosario, Pamplona, Camarines Sur who placed 4th in the PMA Graduation Merit Roll will be the Class Marcher of the Navy Group. He received the Philippine Navy Saber from Vice Admiral Ferdinand S Golez AFP, the Flag Officer In Command, Philippine Navy for being the top graduate of the cadets joining the Navy. Ensign Gonzales also received the Professional Courses Plaque, Australian Defense Best Overall Performance Award for being number 1 in the Navy Service Core Courses, and the JUSMAG (Joint United States Military Advisory Group) Award for being the top Graduate of the Philippine Navy. He was also a recipient of the Distinguished Cadet Award or commonly known in the Academy as “Starman” for making it to the Dean’s List for two semesters and Commandant’s List for three semesters during the school year 2009-2010.

The other 49 male cadets joining the Navy are: Mark Aca, Rodanim Acleta, Alfie Agarao, Roli Angelo Amihan, Michael Andres, John Carlos Bandiola, Clyde Jade Banggollay, Neil Laurence Bolivar, Chibar Bullos, Joseph Michael Caoile, Mildner Cawi, Sammy Froilan Costina, Glenn de Luna, Gino Dominic Diño, John Frederick Gaunia, Julius Giron, Jhonson Gonzales, Nino Hilvano, Floriano Laberinto Jr, Vincent Larida, Kurl Winston Layugan, Hazam Licyayo, Bryan Magura, Christian Malabanan, Harold Malazzab, Jesus Daniel Martinez, Jonathan Migabon, Benedict Milo, Protacio Mofan Jr, Nujim Mosquiza, Aries Olarve, Andre Neil Osoya, Clifford Pacatang, Kelvin John Paganaje, Roy Albert Paller, Geraldson Pascual, Dexter Pasiliao, Randy Peria, Paolo Pormento, Ramon Rabino Jr, Joey Roxas, Gerald John Sambaan, , Peter Mark Santos, Delmar Sarsagat, Lemuel Sarzua, Avelino Sibbaluca Jr, Christopher Tobias, Robart Anthony Toribio, Ricardo Paulo Villarba II and Francis Lou Wong.

The nine female cadets joining the Navy are: Karla Nicole Albano, Angelica Bello, Joy Bermundo, Jona Boglosa, Mariejun Camayang, Brigitte de Vera, Catherine Estrada, Gessyka Maria Fronda, and Eden Rose Santiago.

Among the 59 members, seven of them signified their intention of joining the Philippine Marine Corps, two of which are females. Before taking their first assignment in the field or aboardship, the new graduates will take up basic officer courses. For those who will join the Philippine Fleet, they will have the Naval Officer Basic Course (NOBC) in Naval Education and Training Command in San Antonio, Zambales for 8 months while those who will be joining the Philippine Marine Corps will have the Marine Officers Basic Course (MOBC) in Marine Base Ternate.


Dan said...

I hope they can swim cause they will surely drown with our floating coffins!

Sat said...

Our Philippine navy needs all the support from our government.

Sat said...

Let us support our troops. Our nation's navy need more government funding. Let us implore our representatives to make this a priority.

Seth said...

Dan, our Philippine Navy is making do of what they have! They need more government funding indeed. The last thing they need is some blogger with doubtul Philippine patriotism airing their flatulence.