Monday, August 2, 2010

Navy Boosts its Maritime Law Enforcement thru Inter-agency Exercise

Director, Naval Public Affairs Office

27 July 2010, Tuesday

The Philippine Navy ups the ante on its maritime
law enforcement as it began yesterday, 26 July 2010,
the discussion phase of the Coast Watch South
Capability Exercise or “CWSCAPEX 2010 TTX” in
Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. Two other government
agencies engaged in maritime law enforcement--
the Philippine Coast Guard and PNP- Maritime Group
join their PN counterparts until Friday, July 30,
to harmonize coordination in their efforts against
lawless maritime activities.

The week-long table-top exercise involves the
exchange of information on the courses of action
in given scenarios and the validation of SOP on
the Coast Watch System. Results of the week-long
discussion would be carried out through a Fleet
Exercise tentatively scheduled next month in Palawan.
Said Exercise would see personnel and assets of the
Navy, Coast Guard, and PNP in action in scenarios
such as the following: abduction/kidnap for ransom,
transport of high powered firearms, and dangerous
cargoes/drugs. These activities focus on information
exchange, coordinated surveillance operations,
locating, tracking, and intercepting enemies that
allow participating agencies to employ appropriate
measures in dealing with lawless elements at sea
during real-life situations.

The Coast Watch System of which the Coast Watch
South is a component is a security construct focused
on the establishment of an integrated network of
coast watch stations across the Philippine
archipelago for a coordinated and effective
response to incidents at sea. The system envisions
to provide harmony in the maritime surveillance and
intelligence fusion efforts, coordinating response
between law enforcement agencies, and sharing maritime
information at the national and regional levels. The
development of the Coast Watch South envisions the
full integration of all the monitoring and surveillance
efforts of government agencies operating in the Sulu
and Celebes Seas. Representatives from the US Navy
will be supervising the week-long activity.

With the Coast Watch System in place, the
Philippine Navy strengthens its link with other
government agencies enforcing maritime law, a
responsibility it shares with the Coast Guard and
PNP, and a step towards the Navy’s vision of
establishing a secure and progressive maritime

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