Thursday, August 19, 2010

PRESS ADVISORY: Honors for 2 Naval Aviators

Director, Naval Public Affairs Office

Thursday, 19 August 2010


WHAT: Arrival Honors

WHEN: 20 August 2010 @ 9:00 AM

WHERE: Base Operations, PAF, Villamor Air Base, Pasay


The Philippine Navy will render full military honors for
20 August 2010, Friday at the Headquarters Naval Air Group,
Sangley Pt, Cavite City. The remains of the two pilots will
be flown from Zambaonga City to Manila at 7:05 AM and
expected to arrive at the Base Operations, PAF, Villamor Air
Base, Pasay City at 9:00 AM. From Manila, the remains will
be brought to Sangley Pt.

On 21 August 2010, Saturday, a Hero’s Welcome awaits Ltjg
Tamayo at NS Jose Francisco, Ft Bonifacio, Taguig City.
Interment is scheduled on 22 August 2010, Sunday at the
Libingan ng mga Bayani. Lt Corpuz’s remains will be
transferred to NS Jose Francisco on 23 August and burial
is scheduled on 24 August.

The two Naval Aviators who perished in the helicopter crash
in Zamboanga City on 17 August 2010 were both excellent
pilots and decorated officers who have participated in many
combat missions and search and rescue operations. Both were
also engineering students before they entered the Philippine
Military Academy.

LT Corpuz, who turns 30 next month is a member of PMA Class
2002, while LTJG Tamayo, who turns 29 this month is a member
of PMA Class 2003. Both have completed their junior billets
aboardship before becoming pilots.

Lt Corpuz was one of the pilots of the Naval Air Group based
in Sangley Pt, Cavite to check out from his billets in the
fastest possible time. In military parlance, a pilot who checks
out from one billet signifies his completion of one assignment
in a short period of time.

According to LT MARINETH RIANO-DOMINGO, a classmate of Lt Corpuz
at the PMA, her mistah is a very dedicated “man of service”,
father, and classmate. “He never ceases to do good things for
other people. Indeed, a very selfless man”. Lt Domingo describes
her classmate as “more than a "mistah" to most of my classmates...,
he stands as a trustworthy confidante, the joy of the crowd and
the caring "Superman" who will be there for you in the midst of
all your struggles. True to his word, he is a "Superman" for
leading a noble life, laying down his life in service to God,
country and the Filipino people”.

Meanwhile, Ltjg Tamayo, Corpuz’ junior at the PMA was cited as
the best in flying in his class which he also topped in 2008.
He was also eyed to be an instructor at the Naval Air Group.

Ltjg Noel Marzan, a classmate of Tamayo at the PMA had this to
say to his classmate: “Jayrald and I have been inseparable as
best of buds/roommate/bunkmate since we’re plebes in the academy.
We both joined the Navy, went on joint missions aboardship and
became naval aviators. Even in office assignments, we worked
together. Indeed a true mistah, “brothers thicker than blood”.
My “bonki” is a great loss not only to his family but to the Navy
as well. He has showed exceptional skills in flying and in whatever
work he gets his hands on. Not misled by unprofessionalism, he has
his principles intact. We made NAG’s dream a reality in NA5. We
shared a lot in common- We’re from Baguio, share same hobbies,
gadgets, exchange shirts, and even deepest secrets”.

Lt Corpuz and Ltjg Tamayo were piloting the Bolkow Helicopter
PNH411 when it crashed in the sea in the Great Sta Cruz Island.
The helicopter was on a routine flight mission and at the time
of the incident documenting Inshore Combat Tactics Training.
REAR ADMIRAL DANILO M CORTEZ expresses condolence to the families
of the victims.

Friends from the media are enjoined to cover the events. For
activities at Sangley Pt, you may contact LTJG ROMMEL B RODRIGUEZ
at (0939)127-8324 and CPT JOSE P DINGLASAN PN(M) at (0918) 564-9637
for activities at NSJF.


Nathaniel said...

Rest in peace Jayrald, elementary batchmate... Thank you for defending our motherland. A true louisian indeed

Janice Rachelle said...

Rest in peace, Jayrald...