Monday, August 9, 2010

Statement from the Director, Naval Public Affairs Office Re- Philippine Navy responds to the call for humanitarian assistance as of 1330H 09 Aug 2010

Director, Naval Public Affairs Office

Monday, 09 August 2010

While time is literally tickling, the 2 Cessna planes had to abort its flight for search mission due to strong winds critical to the safety of such aircraft:

They were put on standby until the weather improves;

In lieu of the Cessnas, a Philippine Navy Islander (PNI 312) took off 1300H. She is now at the search area;

Also on standby after refueling is a Diesel Fast vessel with a compliment of 8 Enlisted Personnel and a 6-man team of Philippine Navy Special Operation Unit (SEAL) for immediate dispatch as soon as sea conditions improve.

While we are yearning to search and rescue the crew of the missing vessels, we would like also to ensure the safety of rescuers so they will be able to accomplish their mission. (End)

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