Saturday, September 11, 2010

Navy Statement re Capability Demonstration by the Naval Special Operations Group (NavSOG) 10 Sep 2010 at the NavSOG Hqs, Sangley Point, Cavite

Director, Naval Public Affairs Office

Friday, 10 September 2010

 This demonstration by the Navy’s Special Operations
Group is part of the President’s and Commander-in-Chief’s
inspection and capability assessment of the AFP units
under his command;

 This is, by its nature, an actual briefing for the
CIC to learn about the competency and expertise of the
Philippine Navy to appraise him as to the options available
to him during crises situations like hostage-taking,
hijacking, piracy, and the like;

 By such appraisal, we made the CIC aware that he
has the control, so to speak, of the buttons that represent
all the AFP’s elite units available at his disposal – it’s
just a matter of him knowing which button to press to
address any given emergency situation.

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