Monday, August 24, 2009

Korean Navy Visit to the Philippines

Director, Naval Public Affairs Office

The Philippine Navy is all set to meet with their Korean counterparts as two Korean ships, CHOI YOUNG, a destroyer ship and DAE CHONG, a logistics ship arrive today, 24 August 2009 in Manila for a 4-day port visit. Highlight of the visit is the wreath-laying ceremony at the Philippine Expeditionary Force to Korea (PEFTOK) Memorial Monument at the Libingan ng mga Bayani tomorrow morning, 25 August. The officers and crew of the ships headed by RADM KIM DONG-KYUN, Korean Task Group Commander will pay courtesy calls to Manila and police officials, hold an open ship tour and cultural presentation to showcase their country’s rich cultural heritage, and will also participate in sports events to strengthen the camaraderie with the Philippine Navy, slated in the next few days.

Navy Chief Vice Admiral Ferdinand S Golez expressed optimism over the visit as this strengthens the ties between the two navies that both share a commitment in building peace and security in the region through their efforts in safeguarding their maritime territories. The Philippines and Korea also has a shared history in fighting for peace and freedom when the Philippines sent its contingent that comprised of 7,500 troops in South Korea in 1950.

After the traditional courtesy call of the Korean delegation to Vice Admiral Golez scheduled today, the activity kicks off with the professional exchange between the officers of the two navies. CHOI YOUNG and DAE CHONG will leave on 27 August 2009, Thursday.

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gunner said...

i think korean navy is a spy..why?it is because they are aware that filipinos are the great fighters was known already in the whole wat they does now is to spy..filipino soldiers are the most effetive fighters anyware they re only lack of knowledge about the new tech..