Thursday, August 27, 2009

Statement from Naval Public Affairs Office Re: Lt. Gadian

Director, Naval Public Affairs Office
Thursday, 27 August 2009

The recent statements by Lt Gadian on actual participation of US Servicemen in Combat Operations are hearsay and unfounded claims. There has never been any time that our American counterparts directly participate in any actual combat operation. The AFP and USAF are well aware of the law and adheres to it religiously. What we derive from our counterparts are training of our troops and information about the terrorists that helps us in our conduct of actual operations. Its hearsay because Lt Gadian has never been into actual combat operation to be able to say for herself that American soldiers actually participate in combat operations.

Lt Gadian is facing unresolved issues over her allegations of corruption in Balikatan fund. She refuses to present evidence given all the opportunities and the fora to do so. Now and again, she dishes out preposterous claims which we doubt she will, she should prove;

This should not be an unwilly habit of anyone, especially members of the AFP to drag the institutions into a controversy by issuing irresponsible statements that she cannot substantiate and and leave the issue hanging. Our countrymen are intelligent enough to see thru the motive and doubt the credibility of Lt Gadian in again coming up with statements that are only meant to cause a controversy.

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